Connecting Motion to Life

At MAI-Motion, we’re pioneering a revolutionary approach to understanding humanmovement, bringing together a unique blend of expertise across medical, technological, andscientific disciplines. Our team comprises top orthopaedic consultant surgeons, leadingcomputer vision scientists, and acclaimed academics in biomechanics.

Our Vision

We believe in a world where motion analysis goes beyond the surface, capturing not justvisible movements, but also the intricate interplay of anatomical structures beneath. Ourgoal is to redefine motion analysis, delivering precise, comprehensive, and clinically relevantinsights to enhance patient outcomes in the field of musculoskeletal health.

Our Team

Our multidisciplinary team brings together a diverse array of experts. Each member plays apivotal role, contributing their unique knowledge and skills to the development of MAI-Motion.

Our orthopaedic surgeons provide a deep understanding of musculoskeletal conditions andthe clinical needs of patients and healthcare professionals. Our computer vision scientistsshape the advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence behind our innovative technology.Our biomechanics academics ensure the rigorous scientific underpinning of our approach,contributing a wealth of research and expertise in the field of human movement.

Prof. Paul Lee

Medical Director

Prof. Lee is a leading orthopaedic consultant surgeon with a deep understanding of musculoskeletal conditions and…

Prof. Xujiong Ye

Professor of Computer Vision
Prof. Ye is renowned for her groundbreaking work in computer vision and medical imaging. With deep expertise in advanced…

Dr. Lei Zhang

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Zhang is a seasoned expert in computer vision, biomedical image processing, and machine learning. He has extensive…

Dr. Bethan Whiting

Governance and CQC Registered Manager
With a rich background in healthcare governance and a commitment to high-quality medical service provision,…

Mrs. Helen Morris

Senior Physiotherapist
Mrs. Morris brings over 20 years of hands-on experience to the MAI-Motion project. As a highly qualified First Contact Practitioner…

Sis. Nikki Travis

Senior Sister Royal College of Nursing
Sister Travis is a cornerstone of the MAI-Motion project, lending over 40 years of extensive hands-on clinical…

Dr. Yan Wen

Knowledge Transfer Partnership Data Scientist
Dr. Wen brings her expertise in data science to process and interpret the voluminous and complex datasets generated from the…

Mr. George Williams

Senior Software Developer
Mr. Williams, with his strong background in software development, is pivotal in the execution and implementation of…

Mr. Kai Armstrong

Senior MAI-Motion Data Scientist
Mr. Armstrong’s expertise lies in meticulously extracting and deciphering valuable motion data from MAI-Motion…

Ms. Mary Williams

Junior MRI Technician
Ms. Williams forms a vital part of the team, lending her skills to MRI data extraction, management, and preparation…

Mrs. Hayley Green

Research Admin Support
Mrs. Green serves as the administrative backbone of the MAI-Motion project, orchestrating logistics and streamlining…

Ms. Sally Edwards

Research Admin Support
Ms. Edwards serves as a crucial pillar in the administrative structure of the MAI-Motion project. With her superior skills in…

Dr. Sandy Willmott

Associate Professor
Dr Willmott teaches biomechanics and research modules at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level…

Why We Developed MAI-Motion

We developed MAI-Motion to bridge a gap we saw in the field of musculoskeletal health: theneed for a holistic understanding of human movement. Traditional motion analysis toolssimply couldn’t provide the detailed, accurate insights we knew were possible.By integrating advanced 3D mesh technology with 3D volumetric MRI object detection,we’ve created a solution that delivers unprecedented insights into human movement and itsunderlying anatomical structures. Our technology is set to transform the diagnosis andtreatment of musculoskeletal conditions, aiding in everything from injury prevention tosurgical planning and rehabilitation.

We are excited about the possibilities MAI-Motion offers to healthcare professionals,researchers, athletes, and anyone seeking to understand and optimize their movement. Webelieve our technology has the potential to drive major advancements in the field ofmusculoskeletal health, and we’re proud to be leading the way.

Supported by Innovate UK KTP Project

MAI-Motion is proud to have received support and funding from Innovate UK’s KnowledgeTransfer Partnership (KTP) project. This prestigious collaboration has allowed us to leveragecutting-edge research and expertise from leading academic institutions, including the University of Lincoln. Through the KTP project, we have been able to translate scientificadvancements into practical solutions, enabling us to develop MAI-Motion and revolutionizethe field of musculoskeletal motion analysis. We are grateful for the support and recognitionfrom Innovate UK, which has been instrumental in our journey to create a clinically relevantand user-friendly technology.

Vision Statement

Becoming the global leader in advanced motion analysis, driving innovation in musculoskeletal healthcare.

Mission Statement

Revolutionizing musculoskeletal health through advanced AI, 3D motion analysis, and 3Dvolumetric MRI.

Aim Statement

Striving for excellence, fostering collaborations, and ensuring user-centric innovation in everything we do.

Strategy statement

To revolutionize musculoskeletal
healthcare through the integration of advanced algorithms, and deep learning techniques, providing personalized and precise analysis to improved patient outcomes.

Welcome to the future of musculoskeletal health

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