Connecting Motion to Life

At MAI-Motion, we’re pioneering a revolutionary approach to understanding humanmovement, bringing together a unique blend of expertise across medical, technological, andscientific disciplines. Our team comprises top orthopaedic consultant surgeons, leadingcomputer vision scientists, and acclaimed academics in biomechanics.

Key Features and Benefits of MAI-Motion

  • Comprehensive Motion Analysis: MAI-Motion offers a comprehensive analysis ofmusculoskeletal motion, enabling clinicians and researchers to gain deeperinsights into joint dynamics, movement patterns, and biomechanical parameters.
  • 3D Mesh Technology: Our advanced 3D mesh technology captures detailedmotion data, creating a visual representation of joint movement withunparalleled accuracy. This allows for a comprehensive understanding of theintricacies of musculoskeletal motion.
  • Integration with 3D Volumetric MRI: MAI-Motion goes beyond traditional motionanalysis by integrating with 3D volumetric MRI data. This integration enables thecorrelation of motion data with structural information, providing a holistic viewof musculoskeletal health.
  • AI-Driven Decision Support: Powered by artificial intelligence, MAI-Motion offersintelligent decision support tools that aid in diagnosis, treatment planning, andrehabilitation strategies. Our algorithms analyze complex motion data andprovide evidence-based recommendations for optimal patient care.

Modules of MAI-Motion


The MAI-Knee module focuses on analyzing knee joint dynamics andbiomechanics. It provides insights into gait analysis, knee stability, and movementpatterns, facilitating better understanding and management of knee-relatedconditions.


With the MAI-Back module, we aim to revolutionize the assessment ofback motion. By capturing and analyzing 3D motion data, MAI-Back enables theevaluation of spinal mobility, posture, and functional movements, aiding in thediagnosis and treatment of back disorders.


The MAI-Shoulder module specializes in assessing shoulderbiomechanics. By analyzing joint movement, range of motion, and muscleactivation patterns, MAI-Shoulder offers valuable insights for the diagnosis andrehabilitation of shoulder-related conditions.

Together, let’s revolutionize musculoskeletal motion analysis with MAI-Motion.

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